On this web page, I plan to post links to useful information resources and technology tools and applications. While most of the links and downloads are provided herewith as a courtesy, some of the resources or tools may have been suggested as optional or required components in my courses.
Please note the disclaimer (on the right) before utilizing any links or downloads through this web page. 
UOttawa Library EZProxy Bookmarklet
While conducting web searches for information, many of us start by using mega search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, or Yahoo. Often, the search results lead to an electronic resource (e.g. journal article) that is not directly accessible and requires access through a specific intermediary website such as one's library's website. This task flow is rather frustrating and inconvenient, and this is where the EZProxy bookmarklet can help!
To install the EZProxy bookmarklet, simply drag the link below to your Bookmarks or Favorites Toolbar in your web browser. Alternatively, you can right-click the link and select "Bookmark this Link" or "Add to Favorites".
The UOttawa Library EZProxy Bookmarklet lets you add one-click functionality to your browser that will enable you to conduct online searches in information databases that are restricted to the University's library. If you come across a webpage that is restricted, and if your library has access to it, you can simply click on the EZProxy link in your bookmarks toolbar. You will be asked to login into your library account and be subsequently redirected to the same webpage with authenticated access to the resource.

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